How To Plan The Prefect Party

We all love a good party, but hosting one can be a little but stressful if you let things get out of hand. So what is the best way to plan the prefect party?

Plan Your Party Well In Advance

You need to bare in mind that people have very busy social and work lives these days, so you need to get your invites out early. If you send an email, text or paper message out just a week before your party, you may find that you do not have as many guests as you would have hope for. Try to let people know at least a couple of months before the date so that they have plenty of time to arrange their diaries. These days Facebook is a great way to invite people to your party because you can set up and event which they can reply to and confirm whether they can attend or not. Your event on Facebook does not have to be public, and only the guests that you invite will be able to see it. This is also a great way to get an idea about how many people you can expect to attend.

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Don’t Take On Too Much

A lot of the time when we arrange parties, we take on too much ourselves. There is no reason why you have to do all of the catering yourself if you do not feel like you can do it. You could either ask a friend or family member to help out or get an outside caterer in for the evening. Remember that your guests will not always be expecting to be fed unless it is a dinner party and if you make this clear on the invitations, they can make arrangements to eat before they come.

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Also when it comes to drinks, don’t think that yo have to supply them for the whole party. This could end up costing a fortune if you are inviting a lot of people, do don’t be afraid to ask people to bring a bottle with them on the invitation. Most people are very happy to do this, and this is considered the norm these days.

Remember To Inform The Neighbours

One thing that people often forget to do is to tell their neighbours that they are having a party. The last thing that you want is your neighbours turning up at the door because they can’t get any sleep because of all the noise. A week or so before your event, it is a good idea to go around and tell them in person about it, or better still, invite them to it. Then they will not be able to complain about the noise if they are the ones that are making it.