Kids Party Essentials

Arrange your child’s birthday party can be quite stressful as you want everything to go as smoothly as possible so that they have a great time. In the lead up to the big day, you can sometimes overlook things and forget essential items, so here is a list of things to help you remember exactly what you need in order to be prepared.


No kids party is complete with out balloons, so make sure that get stocked up on them. Whether you choose to fill them with helium or plain old air, kids always enjoy playing with them and they do a great job of creating the party atmosphere if you put them up around the house.


Party Bags

You do not have to spend a fortune on things to put in your party bags, but giving them out to the children before they leave, is a tradition which has been long standing. Party bags are also very handy for putting a piece of the birthday cake in so that they can take it home with them to eat later.

Party Hats & Streamers

In order to add to the party vibe, paper hats and streamers always go down well. Make sure that you get a few different sizes so that the adults can wear them too, and try and get a wide selection of different coloured streamers, party poppers and other table decorations.



One of the most important things to get right at a kids party is the music. Kids love dancing and running around, so you need a music system load enough to be heard over them. One of the best ideas for the music is to subscribe to a streaming service so that you are able to play just about anything that they might request.

Party Food

There are lots of different options available when deciding on food. Some parents prefer a buffet style meal with things like sausage rolls and crisps, although some might prefer to serve pizza or burgers. One thing to ensure when you send out the invitations is that you ask if any of the children have any special dietary requirements.  You may need to provide vegetarian options or cater for children who have an allergy to things such as nuts or gluten. Another option is to hire in outside caterers to prepare your food. This means that you are free to enjoy the party more and do not have to concern yourself with the food, although the downside is that caterers can often be fairly expensive.